What to pack for Greek holidays: our list

A common mistake that we all do when we pack our suitcase is that we try to squeeze and take to our holidays half of our wardrobe and bathroom stuff. Do not do that when you pack for Greek holidays! First of all, it will not be necessary to take many things with you. You will discover that you will need much less than what you had thought of.

Moreover, a huge suitcase will be very difficult for you to carry around, especially in the middle of a hot day. If you are staying in a village with paved paths where vehicles are not allowed, like most villages in the Greek islands, you will find it uncomfortable to carry a large suitcase with unnecessary stuff here and around.

Here is our list with the most necessary things to pack for Greek holidays. Have in mind that you can always buy little things from local shops and save space and weight in your suitcase.

# Clothes and bathing suits

As the weather in Greece is hot in summer, there is no need to bring heavy clothes. Light dresses, shorts, skirts, T-shirts and sleeveless tops are fine for few relaxing days in the Greek islands. A light sweater would also be advisable just in case it gets windy in the evening. Do not bring many clothes with you, just some outfits for an evening out as you will probably want to spend all day at the beach, where clothes are not needed.

This is why you should also bring together some bathing suits and beach clothes. It would be better to bring at least 2 bathing suits with you because you might want to have 2 swims per day, which leaves little time for the suits to get dry.

# Shoes

Unless you like hiking and long walks, do not bring sports shoes with you. The most appropriate shoes to pack for Greek holidays are flip flops. Take with you 2 pairs of flip flops and 1 pair of sandals for an evening out. High heels are not that necessary in Greece, especially in islands like Cyclades which have many paved streets in the villages.

# Beach bag

The most useful bag to pack for Greek holidays is a large beach bag. In there, you can have a second bathing suit, a beach towel, a sun lotion, your sun glasses and a hat.

# Personal items

Our advice is not to bring many personal items with you, apart from your camera and any possible medications. There are many shops in Greece where you can buy all kind of little things, such as sun lotion, mosquito lotion, shampoos and shower gels or other hygiene stuff. It will save you from a lot of weight and effort to carry such things around in your suitcase.