Spring holidays in Greece: pros and cons

Spring is finally here… March has already begun and in few days (April 1st) the tourist season in Greece will officially open. In popular islands, such as Santorini and Crete, the first visitors arrive even in middle March with the first cruise lines and the relaunch of direct flights from abroad. In fact, apart from summer holidays, many visitors also choose to come for spring holidays in Greece.

So, what exactly can visitors do in Greece and the Greek islands during spring? How easy is it to travel around? Are the islands still closed down, like many of them are in off season? Here are some answers to these questions.

Greek islands for spring holidays

The most popular destinations for spring holidays in Greece are the tourist islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Kefalonia, Rhodes, Corfu and Crete. These are large islands that get busy during the entire tourist season and have direct air connections with foreign airports.

A popular destination for spring break in Greece is also Athens, the city with historical charm and interesting sightseeing. In fact, many visitors choose to spend their spring holidays in Greece with a short visit in Athens and then take a multi-day tour around the Greek mainland or hop to one or two islands.

The less popular islands usually open for season in early May. This is when air and ferry transportation is more frequent, hotels gradually open and so do restaurants, taverns, cafeterias and shops. Of course most islands are not entirely closed down off season, but they are not busy with tourists, only with locals.

What to do in Greece during spring

Early spring is not a beach season in Greece. The weather gets more appropriate to swim in the sea from early May and onwards, until early October. Of course, if your background is from a cold country, you can start swimming in Greece even earlier, in April, when the temperature is 15-20oC in the day.

Although sea swimming is not totally guaranteed in Greece during spring, there are many other activities to try. Spring holidays in Greece are a great chance for hiking. The weather is not too cold and not too hot, the nature is blossoming and rains are not frequent at all in spring, therefore it is the perfect time to discover beautiful hiking paths. In fact, many Greek islands has developed a great hiking route along forests, ancient sites, monasteries and traditional villages, usually ending at a secluded beach.

Such islands with a developed hiking network are Kefalonia, Andros, Crete, Sifnos and many others. Some islands also have such paths that may not be marked or signposted, but they were in use until very recently.

Another great activity for spring holidays in Greece is sightseeing. The moderate weather permits easy walking through archaeological sites or within the premises of a historical city. The limited number of visitors in sites, museums and guided tours during spring is surely a plus for visitors.