Solo traveling in Greece: should I go and where?

Although the majority of tourists in the country are couples, groups of friends or families, there are also many people who are solo traveling in Greece, either for summer holidays or even off season. These solo travelers choose one Greek destination to totally relax or hop from one island to the other. However, how safe is Greece for single tourists? And which are the best Greek islands for solo travelers?

Is Greece safe for single tourists?

Greece is among the safest countries in the world. Especially the Greek islands are very safe and easy to get around, day and night. There is no need to feel stressed about traveling solo in the Greek islands or any other place in Greece, as you will surely not feel threatened or afraid in any way. Even if you are female, you will find it very safe to holiday in Greece alone, if of course you make sure that you are not putting yourself in any danger, such as with excessive drinking or very provocative dressing.

The only exception is Athens, the capital of Greece, where extra attention is needed especially for pick pocketing in public transportation or for walking late at night at certain quarters, such as Omonoia, Metaxourgeio or Patission Avenue.

Which are the best Greek islands for solo travelers?

We could say that all the Greek islands are actually great for solo travelers. However, we have gathered here our most appropriate places that we would suggest to single tourists.

If your aim is to come solo in Greece, party and meet other people, then the most appropriate island is definitely Mykonos. This is the place where parties take place 24/7: beach parties in the day and night parties in Mykonos Town after sunset. Even if you are traveling single in Mykonos, you will surely find company on the island. Rhodes, Paros and Ios are also nice islands for partying and solo traveling in Greece.

If you are traveling alone because you just need some quality time with yourself, then you should choose more quiet and relaxing islands. Ithaca is among the best destinations for solo traveling in Greece. This is a fantastic little island, with isolate crystal beaches and green nature. You will especially love Ithaca if you are a writer or an avid reader. Choose an Ithaca hotel by the sea and get inspired to write your next fantastic novel!

Another great island for solo traveling in Greece is Amorgos. Located on the southern side of the Cyclades group, Amorgos is an authentic island with traditional architecture and wild nature. This island is especially recommended for hikers and naturists. And of course, so is the tiny island of Anafi, with large isolate beaches and only a small village to buy supplies. Anafi accommodation usually consists of family studios and apartments, where you can sit at the balcony and gaze at the breathtaking sea view.