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Welcome to our blog! This is the blog of Thalassaholidays.com, an online Greek travel guide. Our aim is to help you find your perfect accommodation for your holidays in Greece and the Greek islands.

Are you looking for Greek hotels?

If you are planning your holiday to Greece, have a look in our selection with Greek hotels. We have carefully chosen the accommodation we suggest so that they cover all needs of modern tourists plus they are found in excellent location. As we give special attention to the location of the hotel, we particularly focus on beach hotels in Greece. We believe that a hotel found in a walking distance from the beach is a source of fantastic memories and helps visitors get the best of the Greek holidays.

Our Greek destinations

Our aim is to present the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece and help visitors discover the Greek island that best responds to their preferences. This is why we present both popular and secluded islands, while we also enjoy presenting holiday destinations totally off the beaten track. We want our visitors to discover every little corner of Greece and keep it in their heart when they return home.

This is also why we have created this Greek travel blog so that we present more easily holiday tips, thoughts and themes from everyday life in Greece. We have a deep love this country and our ambition is to get you to love it too!

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